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High-Quality Mulch & Firewood for Sale

Improve your gardening and heating processes with mulch and firewood for sale from Askeland Tree Service and Landscaping Inc., in Sycamore, Illinois.
We provide you with a first-class selection of quality products from trees that we remove.

Organic Mulch

We make our mulch organically from local trees. It's mulched twice with mixed-in wood chips. We also allow it to age over the winter to give it natural coloring. Because we make our own mulch, it's more affordable for you.
Benefits of Our Mulch:
• Never Dyed
• All Organic
• Aged Naturally
• Nail-Free


Efficiently warm your home or business with firewood from Askeland Tree Service and Landscaping Inc. Our mixed hardwood is seasoned for a year to make sure it is nice and dry. It serves as the ideal fuel for campfires, fireplaces, and all your other firewood needs.
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